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About Us

Rebel Wisdom makes films and runs events that illuminate and inspire.

Our Story

David Fuller

Many years in the planning, we launched officially at the start of 2018 with our first films, made by Rebel Wisdom’s founder, BBC and Channel 4 documentary filmmaker David Fuller. “A Glitch in the Matrix” and “Jordan Peterson, Truth in the Time of Chaos”.

Through our films and articles, our aim is to illuminate the deeper story playing out below the chaos of the times. Our shared conviction is that now is the time for an integration of what the great psychologist Carl Jung called the ‘shadow’ – on an individual, and cultural level. The shadow is described as all the things about ourselves that we deny, repress or avoid. And that it is the eruption of this repressed material into the culture (for example the anger between men and women, or the return of ideas we thought had been consigned to history) that is causing the upheaval all around us. See the ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ film for more on this.

Our Workshops

So the challenge of the times is to integrate, and this can only be done on an individual level – with men and women doing the necessary individual work to look at themselves and transform the ‘shadow’ into the fuel to drive themselves forward in their lives.

We run separate workshops for men and for women, mentored by two of the world’s most experienced facilitators, Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover. They have worked with people in deep states of transformation since the 1970s and created dozens of processes such as Working With People, Inner Man Inner Woman and Path Retreats. See below for a short video clip with Rafia Morgan talking about his work.

We are heavily influenced by the thought of the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, and particularly his interpretation of Carl Jung’s theory of archetype and transformation. Jung said that true transformation could only take place through an encounter with the ‘numinous’ or transcendent. So this is what we bring about in our workshops, creating the conditions for genuine change and transformation through creating flow states.

He has become a controversial figure for his political views – however we strongly believe that his exponential success over the last few months shows the resonance that his deeper message is having. Take responsibility for yourself, do the work of transforming your life, look to the great wisdom of the past for inspiration. We wholeheartedly support this message.

See our interview with Jordan Peterson and documentary, Truth in the Time of Chaos for more about the integration of the shadow, and the need to integrate the past to move forward.

Rebel Wisdom also integrates the skills of great facilitators such as psychologist Louise Mazanti, meditation teacher Alexander Beiner, men’s coach Dr Clive Selwyn and ‘wild man’ Paal Christian Buntz.