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Connect to your deeper truth

through movement, inquiry and expression.

Rebel Wisdom Weekend Intensives

April 6-8, June 15-17 & August 10-12.

Join Rebel Wisdom for a weekend of brotherhood and expansion. This weekend is designed to create a powerful and transformational field to drive the Rebel Wisdom collective forward to the next level. Our workshops are designed to give a direct experience of integrating the ‘shadow’ that Jordan Peterson talks about in the clip below – to integrate the repressed and denied aspects of ourselves to become more present and powerful in the world. Watch the video below for testimonials from our workshops.

Using movement, inquiry and deep experiential processes, this workshop helps men to grow up and show up in the world in order to achieve their purpose.

Each weekend runs from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, in a beautiful countryside location only an hour from Central London.

Ticket link for April 6-8 – here

Ticket link for June 15-17 – here

Ticket link for August 10-12 – here