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We recently got our first piece of mainstream media interest from the Guardian - this is our response - to add context and reaction.

"We just got our first piece of major media interest in the UK’s Liberal bastion — The Guardian “Men after #MeToo: ‘There’s a narrative that masculinity is fundamentally toxic’” — overall it’s a good piece — and I believe the journalist, Richard Godwin, did an honest job in trying to understand and accurately reflect on the project, and what was a fairly bumpy launch of what we hoped to be a new Men’s Movement 2.0.

Given that he has framed the article as a response to the recent #metoo phenomena — he accurately characterises our perspective as being that the kind of behaviours that #metoo is highlighting are manifestations of immature and unintegrated masculinity — boys pretending to be men. And that the right response to that is not to demonise masculinity or for men to retreat into shame around their gender — but to do the inner work to identify and to work with the masculine energy that can come out as anger, aggression or domination and to integrate it into a healthy, competent and confident personality — the kind of ‘Shadow Work’ that Jordan Peterson describes in his interview with us...



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