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David Fuller delves into the work of Jordan Peterson in this acclaimed and widely read Medium.com article. Read the full article here.

"Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto. I would say that what gives his words such impact is the way he combines the deep insights into the individual human psyche he has gained from clinical practice — working with people in states of psychological crisis and personal transformation — with a deep engagement with the ideas and thinkers who have most clearly grappled with the deepest existential questions of the human condition.

And more than that, his is a voice deeply engaged with the problems of the present moment, and he himself believes that the stakes are high: “I do believe we are in a period of chaos — and in a period of chaos the time horizon shrinks — because the outcome is uncertain … sometimes the outcome is catastrophe.”

In the last few weeks, I suddenly started hearing the name Jordan Peterson everywhere, on mailing lists, discussion groups and from friends’ recommendations. I checked out one of his lectures and suddenly I was hooked."


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