What were the fundamental disagreements between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris in their recent series of debates, and was anything achieved in their discussions? Jonathan Pageau is an expert on religious symbolism and runs a Youtube channel called ‘The Symbolic World’: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCT…


  • RT @ThouArtThat: “The lack of an intellectually sophisticated religiosity is, I believe, one of the main reasons for the level of the gener…
  • Our take on the NPC meme and simulated thinking. There's nothing more fun than overthinking the neuropsychological and evolutionary significance of a meme 😃 - featuring clips from Jordan Greenhall. youtu.be/ht-eR0SA3I0 @jgreenhall @TheStoicEmperor @andrewpgsweeny
  • Huge respect to the 26 men who showed up and spoke their truth at our first workshop in Sweden. The level of courage, brotherhood, openness, presence and compassion from start to finish was astonishing. For us, that's the true essence of masculinity.
  • RT @akirathedon: In these days of hitherto unimaginable attempted division of the human family, being civil is a revolutionary act
  • RT @Bardissimo: Folks, check out this excellent conversation between Rebel Wisdom's eminent @fullydavid and the formidable Jordan Greenhall…

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