Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller made the first documentary about Jordan Peterson in January, since then he has become one of the polarising public figures in the world, especially to those on the left of the political spectrum. In a new interview – and accompanying podcast, Rebel Wisdom examines the crisis on the left, through the prism of Jordan Peterson’s thought.

This film is part of a larger Rebel Wisdom series, “Jordan Peterson and the left, a new conversation”. The other films can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

Link to this film:

‘Jordan Peterson, censorship and the left’, with novelist Tim Lott:

‘What can the left learn from Jordan Peterson’, with Matthew Segall and Jesse Estrin from the California Institute of Integral Studies:

‘Jordan Peterson and Integral Theory’, with Jeff Salzman of the Daily Evolver:

‘Jordan Peterson and the patriarchy’, with Lene Andersen:

‘Beyond polarisation?’ The left & Jordan Peterson, with Ronan Harrington, Alter Ego:

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