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This is a Rebel Wisdom Documentary, to help us make more, to see exclusive subscriber-only films and join the conversation, please consider becoming a supporter on

We are also announcing the Rebel Wisdom Summit - our largest event yet, in London on May 12, with Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying, Iain McGilchrist and Jordan Greenhall, more details here:

Some of these topics were sketched out in greater detail by Eric Weinstein on
War on Excellence:
Russell Conjugation:


  • Jamie Wheal is coming to London! Both workshops sold out, now down to our last 20 tickets for his talk on Thurs - if you aren't doing anything that night and want to gain a headful of explosive insights, we can't think of a better use of your time.…
  • RT @peternlimberg: "@WisdomRebel is in Canada! Join founder @fullydavid for an exploratory conversation with Peter Limberg of the Intellect…
  • RT @LetterWiki: Checkout @WisdomRebel's outstanding series on The Science and Psychology of Polarisation "How can we even begin to solve ma…
  • RT @vervaeke_john: Thank you for 2000 followers! The release date for my new series is Friday February the 28th. After Socrates: the pursui…
  • Thanks to the 15 intrepid souls in our first Rebel Wisdom Collective Intelligence Lab. In the final session we discussed polarising topics e.g 'Should people have a right not to vaccinate their children?' and 'Is Patriarchy real?'- playing with coherence, polarity and sovereignty

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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