Rebel Wisdom’s first overseas adventure – David and Alexander outline RW’s plans for future interviews and documentaries – and take the opportunity to explore the new psychedelic renaissance, just half a mile from the centrepoint of the 60s counterculture, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury. Psychedelics are having a mainstream breakthrough, what next? Can they still break people out of ideological possession and perform the deconditioning role they played in the 1960s? What are the benefits and dangers?


  • RT @nickjankel: Excited to have spoken with @wisdomrebel about spiritual #atheism - what it is and whether it could help bring an end to th…
  • RT @Bardissimo: For men looking to become men, the UK's #RebelWisdom crew are coming to Skeppsudden in Sweden in October. Much recommended!…
  • Thanks to everyone who came to our event last night at @91bricklane. Great level of open and generative discussion on culturally stifled topics. The unthinkable or unsayable always turns ugly - being comfortable feeling uncomfortable is the best way to integrate and learn.
  • What do you think, but are afraid to say? That's what we'll be exploring at our discussion evening tomorrow night at Bar Ninety in Brick Lane (London) at 7:30. Take responsibility for speaking the truth, and see what happens,…
  • Who we are and what we're doing in less time than it takes to boil an egg: When our existing assumptions and ways of thinking break down, it's the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who are needed to reboot the system.

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