Cultural Crisis and the Intellectual Dark Web, with Douglas Murray

In Douglas Murray's recent bestseller, The Strange Death of Europe, he diagnoses a widespread cultural crisis in Europe, a continent that has fundamentally lost faith in itself. He is also part of the new loose grouping of public intellectuals known as the 'Intellectual Dark Web'.

The Paradox of the Times, with Jordan Greenhall

Is this the best of all times to be alive, or are we heading towards catastrophe unless we change course? Or are both true at the same time? And what is 'Game B'? Jordan Greenhall is a renowned systems thinker and star of Rebel Wisdom's documentary 'Glitch in the Matrix'.

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An Intellectual Deep Web?

In May 2018, a new alignment of public intellectuals, the "Intellectual Dark Web", was officially announced. Rebel Wisdom was quick to recognise the significance of this new movement, featuring it in our 'Glitch in the Matrix' film in February. 


A Zen Master talks about Jordan Peterson & The Shadow

Doshin Nelson Roshi describes himself as poet, troublemaker, and teacher. He is the head abbot of Integral Zen - an expert in both the tradition of Zen and the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber.

Psychedelics, Shadow and Growth: Rebel Wisdom Podcast 5

Rebel Wisdom’s first overseas adventure – David and Alexander outline RW’s plans for future interviews and documentaries – and take the opportunity to explore the new psychedelic renaissance, just half a mile from the centrepoint of the 60s counterculture, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury.


Men and Women after #metoo - Cassie Jaye

Part 2 of our series 'Men and Women after #metoo.' We interview director Cassie Jaye about her documentary 'The Red Pill' - including the polarised response.

'Jordan Peterson & Christianity' with Paul VanderKlay

As requested by our Rebel Wisdom viewers, an interview with Paul VanderKlay, the Christian pastor from Sacramento, California, who has made a name for himself as one of the most intelligent and popular commentators on Jordan Peterson's thought, from a Christian perspective.

Jordan Peterson

Men and Women after #metoo - A New Conversation?

If the cultural conversation looks increasingly like a dysfunctional relationship between men and women, how can we move forward? This is the first in a series of films on the subject from Rebel Wisdom.

The Meaningwave Universe with Akira the Don

Akira the Don is a DJ based in LA, who is rapidly gaining profile as the unofficial DJ for the Intellectual Dark Web. Here, he discusses Meaningwave, a new genre of music he's created, and delves into surprising shifts in pop culture.

The Psychedelic Renaissance, with Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan is the author of a seminal new book on the science of psychedelic therapy, and the award-winning writer of bestsellers such as Cooked, and In Defence of Food. Does this mark a watershed moment in the mainstream acceptance of psychedelics? He sat down with Rebel Wisdom's founder - journalist David Fuller, during his visit to London.

Essential Viewing, Psychedelics


  • Huge respect to the 26 men who showed up and spoke their truth at our first workshop in Sweden. The level of courage, brotherhood, openness, presence and compassion from start to finish was astonishing. For us, that's the true essence of masculinity.
  • RT @akirathedon: In these days of hitherto unimaginable attempted division of the human family, being civil is a revolutionary act
  • RT @Bardissimo: Folks, check out this excellent conversation between Rebel Wisdom's eminent @fullydavid and the formidable Jordan Greenhall…
  • RT @jordanbpeterson: Sam Harris @SamHarrisOrg enters the Kavanaugh fray: And wisely does not use Twitter:)
  • RT @BretWeinstein: Quite a good discussion of some IDW reactions to the Kavanaugh confirmation and push-back. *Warning* Contains nuance. Yo…

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