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Rebel Wisdom Experiences

From the inception of Rebel Wisdom, we've been exploring how to create experiences that help us to live out the ideas we curate in our films, articles and podcasts. We believe that in order to meet the challenges we face as a species, from increasing polarisation to a fractured information ecology, we need to come together in new ways, bringing together the best of ancient practices with modern theory. 

We host larger experiences like the Rebel Wisdom Festival, a regular monthly meetup, our monthly Sovereignty Gym,  men's and women's retreats, a Sensemaking Retreat and talks with guest speakers.  In each, we endeavour to create an environment that helps us to drop into a liminal space in which we're open to hearing new ideas, able to articulate our thoughts clearly and come into contact with one another more authentically. 






A full list of our upcoming experiences:


  • Thank you for being part of it @NoraBateson! You all created a magic combo of wonderful people and beautiful insights.…
  • RT @debfreemansmudg: Fantastic first day. Sharing knowledge, making sense, digging deeper into meaning all makes for imaging the future. Ex…
  • We're live with Jamie Wheal and Douglas Rushkoff at the Rebel Wisdom Festival - tune in on our YouTube livestream:… @rushkoff @FlowGenome @AlexanderBeiner @fullydavid
  • The Festival is now at capacity and registrations are closed! We start in about 1 hour - if you signed up and haven't received an email, please check your spam or promotions folders. If you come late or the plenary is full when you try to join, you can tune in on our YouTube
  • Coming to the Rebel Wisdom Festival? Get yourself a Festival Archetype to use as your Zoom profile picture for a bit of fun - all the cool kids will be wearing them:

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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