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Join us for an informal evening once a month where we’ll discuss the latest films on the channel, share ideas, and connect with others drawn to rebellious wisdom.

Each month, we’ll play a selection of clips from films that have come out on the channel recently and open up a discussion around the topics raised. Sometimes we'll discuss as a whole group, and sometimes we'll break off into smaller groups to deepen the inquiry. It’s an opportunity to explore the ideas in our films and articles more fully, to express your ideas and hear new perspectives.

We’re hosting these meetups in a great new venue we’ve found called the Barge House, situated on the canal in Haggerston. Food and drink will be available from the bar, and we’ll be in a private room so we can have more intimate discussions. Come along if you want to connect, learn and share your ideas.

Find the next monthly meetup on our ticketing page here


  • RT @peternlimberg: I've renamed the Intellectual Explorers Podcast to The Stoa. I'll be reposting some of the sessions happening at The Sto…
  • We are in times of crisis and opportunity, when true change is possible - and when the mythopoetic can help us see more clearly. In this clip from the Rebel Wisdom Member Q&A, culture hacker and futurist Jordan Hall explains the ancient concepts of Kairos and Chronos. @jgreenhall
  • RT @alistairkelly62: Roll on Sunday !! @_LisaCherry
  • RT @RichDecibels: I'm hosting one of the sessions 👇
  • Rebel Wisdom is hosting a free online event on Sunday, 5 April: 'Resilience & Sensemaking'. A day of talks and practices to help you increase your resilience and sharpen your sensemaking. Read more and register on

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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