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A monthly session designed to help you deepen your sovereignty, make sense of the world more effectively and connect with others more authentically. 

At Rebel Wisdom, we’ve been speaking to rebellious thinkers around the world to find new directions through the chaotic times we live in. A common theme has emerged: to find a way forward, you need to be able to make sense of the world, and the first step is to find your own inner compass. If we can become more aware of ourselves and communicate more authentically, we can start coming together from a place of clarity and open-mindedness.  This concept has been called ‘sovereignty’.

What is it to be sovereign? We all experience it differently, but it's a kind of flexible autonomy. When we're in our sovereignty, we're sufficient unto ourselves, but not cut off from others. We're self-reliant, but still connected and influenced by the world around us. We're able to think for ourselves and practice discernment, but we remain open to dialogue and feedback.

Our monthly Sovereignty Gym will give you a number of tools to develop these skills. We will start each session with Rebel Wisdom’s new sovereignty meditation, which involves breathwork, concentration and mindfulness. We’ll also practice a talking meditation called Inquiry, looking into a different topic each week in pairs or small groups. Engaging in these practices not only relaxes our nervous systems, but allows us to have a new kind of conversation that can unlock our creativity and make us more than the sum of our parts.

The practices we’ll be experimenting with together are simple, effective and easy to use in your daily life. They can help us to stay more centred and relaxed when we’re engaging with difficult conversations, and improve our discernment when we’re listening to other people or the evening news. The Sovereignty Gym is open to everyone, designed to help us come back to ourselves and meet the world with more clarity and authenticity.

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  • We are in times of crisis and opportunity, when true change is possible - and when the mythopoetic can help us see more clearly. In this clip from the Rebel Wisdom Member Q&A, culture hacker and futurist Jordan Hall explains the ancient concepts of Kairos and Chronos. @jgreenhall
  • RT @alistairkelly62: Roll on Sunday !! @_LisaCherry
  • RT @RichDecibels: I'm hosting one of the sessions 👇
  • Rebel Wisdom is hosting a free online event on Sunday, 5 April: 'Resilience & Sensemaking'. A day of talks and practices to help you increase your resilience and sharpen your sensemaking. Read more and register on
  • New film out - intellectual titans John Vervaeke and Iain McGilchrist in conversation for the first time ever. A deep dive into two brilliant and related models of how we perceive, and how we can develop wisdom.

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