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Join the Rebel Alliance - Rebel Wisdom's official advisory board.
  • A monthly private Skype (1hr) with David and/or Alexander, as well as our personal email addresses for regular contact.
  • You're part of the inner circle; co-creatively developing the evolution of Rebel Wisdom  
  • Input into future guests and topics to cover on the channel. A guarantee that we will work together on recording an interview with 2 relevant guests of your choice (1st guest after three months minimum, second on 6 months - & if we can get them)
  • Connect with Rebel Wisdom and the other members of the Rebel Alliance on a monthly group call to share ideas and network
  • We will gather twice a year in London for in-depth, facilitated sessions to align around the cutting edge of culture, and uncover relevant themes emerging in the Zeitgeist. First gathering happening in early 2019. 
  • Free admission to all Rebel Wisdom workshops, talks and events globally
  • Your choice of 3 items of Rebel Wisdom merch 
  • Includes all previous rewards


Duration: 1 month
Price: $500.00


  • To our UK audience - our next live event is on Tuesday, April 9th with best-selling author and philosopher @TimFreke: 'Finding Connection in Chaotic Times'. An interactive, immersive experience and one we're looking forward to a lot. More info and tickets: bit.ly/2TmBNDJ
  • This is one of our 5 most popular films of all time - and has one of the most brilliantly split comments sections as well. In typical Rinzai Zen fashion, Doshin isn't out to make people feel comfortable 😃 twitter.com/jordanbpeterso…
  • RT @divided_brain: Toronto April 9th only, see The Divided Brain #documentary and discuss ideas in person with Dr. Norman Doidge, @jordanbp…
  • A shout out for our interview with the brilliant Iain McGilchrist twitter.com/jordanbpeterso…
  • RT @jordanbpeterson: 'Jordan Peterson, censorship and the left', with novelist Tim Lott j.mp/2IQeQsH

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