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Rebel Alliance!

Join the Rebel Alliance - Rebel Wisdom's official advisory board, be in regular contact with David & Alexander to develop your thinking and sensemaking, and help contribute to the direction of the channel.

  • A monthly private Zoom call (45 min) with David and/or Alexander, as well as our personal email addresses for regular contact.
  • You're part of the inner circle; contributing to the development of the evolution of Rebel Wisdom.
  • Input into future guests and topics to cover on the channel.
  • A guarantee that we will work together on recording an interview with a relevant guest of your choice (after three months), if we can get them, and they fit with the ethos of the channel).
  • VIP entry to the Rebel Wisdom Summit/Festival (yearly in May) - with a chance to connect with the guest speakers and attendance at the exclusive speaker's dinner.
  • Free admission to all Rebel Wisdom workshops, talks and events globally.
  • Includes all previous rewards.


Duration: 1 month
Price: $500.00


  • Polarisation, compassion and empathy. Two of the most interesting and profound thinkers on the topic in dialogue with each other, @Ayishat_Akanbi and @Diane_Hamilton :…
  • What is 'Unity 2020'? is it possible to have an alternative to Trump or Biden? Is it a "Game B" project? And most importantly, could it possibly work? Rebel Wisdom's @fullydavid talks to @BretWeinstein. Watch it here…
  • We’ve just been recording “War on Sensemaking 5” with Daniel Schmachtenberger. Watch this space!
  • Jules Evans (@JulesEvans11) is a philosopher and author, his most recent book is 'Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency', with psychiatrist Tim Read. This talk given at the Rebel Wisdom festival in late May 2020 👉…
  • How do we have conversations that can go into new territory? In this discussion @vervaeke_john and @peternlimberg talk about where the cutting edge of the evolving conversation is at, and the necessity to cultivate new skills to move forward -

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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