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At $25 per month you join the Rebel Wisdom community. In addition to the rewards of the previous levels you will:
  • Be invited to contribute to the creative process in a monthly group internet call with David Fuller and/or Alexander Beiner to discuss the deeper ideas sparked by our films, where you will get to test out and develop your ideas, and join an online community of like-minded rebels.
  • Be invited to contribute questions for some of our exciting upcoming interviews, with the likes of Ken Wilber, Iain McGilchrist and Intellectual Dark Web members.
  • One free ticket to one Rebel Wisdom Live evening event per month (email us beforehand to be added to the guestlist)


Duration: 1 month
Price: $25.00


  • We're excited for our next event tomorrow night (Tues 21st) - bestselling author and philosopher Jules Evans will be enlightening us on how ancient wisdom can hack the modern mind - weaving together Dionysus, the Stoics, Aldous Huxley and more. Tickets: bit.ly/2JweuXu
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