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Rebel Wisdom Live

Our ambition with Rebel Wisdom Live is to invite you as the audience (both online and in person) into a collaborative and open-minded discussion around some of the most important and challenging questions facing culture right now. Often, we invite some of the world's most rebellious thinkers to join us. At every talk, we endeavour to enter a 'liminal space' in which we're open to hearing new ideas and able to articulate our thoughts clearly. All talks take place in London, and those with guest speakers are often live streamed on YouTube and featured in our Members Area.

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  • Jamie Wheal is coming to London! Both workshops sold out, now down to our last 20 tickets for his talk on Thurs - if you aren't doing anything that night and want to gain a headful of explosive insights, we can't think of a better use of your time.…
  • RT @peternlimberg: "@WisdomRebel is in Canada! Join founder @fullydavid for an exploratory conversation with Peter Limberg of the Intellect…
  • RT @LetterWiki: Checkout @WisdomRebel's outstanding series on The Science and Psychology of Polarisation "How can we even begin to solve ma…
  • RT @vervaeke_john: Thank you for 2000 followers! The release date for my new series is Friday February the 28th. After Socrates: the pursui…
  • Thanks to the 15 intrepid souls in our first Rebel Wisdom Collective Intelligence Lab. In the final session we discussed polarising topics e.g 'Should people have a right not to vaccinate their children?' and 'Is Patriarchy real?'- playing with coherence, polarity and sovereignty

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