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What is the Rebel Wisdom Festival?

The narratives we used to rely on to make sense of the world are unravelling. As we enter a new and uncertain era, many of us are asking how to navigate an increasingly complex reality.  A million unspoken questions are burning in the zeitgeist, but our traditional ways of answering them don’t seem to be making things clearer.

At Rebel Wisdom we have been inquiring into this new reality for the last two years, following the thread of an emergent conversation. Many of the voices we’ve had on the channel have suggested that it is now up to all of us to make sense of the world together; finding rebellious new ways of perceiving, communicating and connecting so that we can adapt to the present and forge a way to a healthy future. The Rebel Wisdom Festival will be a space where we can come together to do exactly this.

The Rebel Wisdom Summit in 2019 sold out in a few weeks, so we have expanded the event, gathered some of the most compelling and relevant voices from the channel for a two day festival of ideas, embodiment and collective intelligence.


Daniel Schmachtenberger

Co-Founder, Neurohacker Collective

Futurist, Systems Theorist and star of Rebel Wisdom's 'The War on Sensemaking'


Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

Scientist, Rebellious Researcher, Author of Ways to go Beyond and Why They Work and The Science Delusion. Watch Rupert Sheldrake on Rebel Wisdom here.

Nora Bateson

Award-winning Filmmaker, Writer, Facilitator and Educator & President of the International Bateson Institute

John Vervaeke, PhD

Cognitive Scientist at the University of Toronto and creator of the groundbreaking YouTube series 'Awakening from the Meaning Crisis'. Expert in the study of wisdom, mindfulness, a meditation practitioner and teacher.

Watch John Vervaeke on Rebel Wisdom here

Dr. Rosalind Watts

Clinical Lead, Imperial College London Psilocybin for Depression trial. Clinical Psychologist and pioneer of the psychedelic therapy model ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’

Watch Rosalind Watts on Rebel Wisdom here

Bonnitta Roy

Award-winning Author, Philosopher and Insight Guide. 

Pioneer in collective intelligence practices, group facilitator and expert in Integral philosophy.  

Watch Bonnitta Roy on Rebel Wisdom here.

...and more to be announced soon!

The Rebel Wisdom Festival brings together some of the world’s most brilliant voices in systems change, art, transformative technology and psychedelic science. Our intention with all of the talks is to invite brilliant thinkers and doers to explore new ways of tackling our most pressing problems. To embed these insights into our lives, we are also inviting world-class facilitators to run workshops. These will be diverse and varied. Explore liminal ways of knowing, find out how to avoid cognitive traps, experience flow states, learn how regulate your own nervous system and more. We have noticed that when we combine the intellect with embodied wisdom in this way, it radically changes what happens between us as we come together; something new emerges, a kind of collective intelligence.

Our Ethos

Our intention with Rebel Wisdom Festival is to ensure that participants leave not just with new ideas but with new skills. As a participant, you will choose your own experience at the Festival. You might want to spend your time watching talks, discussing taboo topics in facilitated groups, practicing techniques that develop your discernment and sovereignty, or a combination of all of these. Whether you prefer to engage with ideas, or are more interested in learning techniques of embodiment and transformation, you will find something for you.

All the talks and the workshops are designed to help us make sense of the world, navigate our own minds and relationships so that we can adapt and evolve – we believe that levelling up in this way is an essential part of meeting the huge changes ahead of us.  

We are designing the Festival with a participatory ethos at its heart; while you are welcome to sit back and observe, there’s an open invitation to get involved, connect with others who share similar interests (or those we disagree with), and see what we might be able to build together moving forward.

The Format

The Rebel Wisdom Festival will be divided into three distinct but interwoven tracks; Taboos, Meaning and Imagined Futures. The workshops and discussion groups will run throughout the weekend and available for anyone to sign up to at no extra cost. 


A track with a focus on how we can have a new type of conversation around taboo topics. This has been a major focus on the channel, with our series ‘The Science and Psychology of Polarisation’, our Collective Intelligence Series and our in-person Collective Intelligence Lab. The talks and workshops related to this track will explore the physiology of generative conversations, how to have conversations with those we disagree with, and how to embrace polarity to avoid polarisation.


The threat of existential risk, social collapse and a crisis in meaning have brought many of us to exploring new techniques to help us see clearly and connect with each other. This track will feature talks on psychedelic science, innovative technology, psychology and more. We will have workshops running on breathwork, Circling, mindfulness, movement, music and the best in transformational technology.

Imagined Futures

What do we need to meet the considerable challenges we face as a species? An essential part of this is to be able to zoom back far enough to understand the complex, interweaving systems we’re a part of. This track will include speakers like Daniel Schmachtenberger talking about existential risk, what Game B looks like for humanity, and how we might get there.

Location & Tickets

Buy your ticket here

The Rebel Wisdom Festival will take place in central London at the Truman Brewery on the famous Brick Lane. This is a fantastic venue in one of London’s most vibrant cultural hubs, known for its fashion, street art and curry houses.

Tickets can be purchased for the full weekend or for one day. Concessions are available to those on a low income – if you would like to apply for a concession, please use our contact form.

Early Bird - £149

Full Weekend Ticket - £195

Day pass (Saturday or Sunday) - £115

Full Ticket Concession (low income or student) - £95

Day pass Concession- £50

A snapshot of the Rebel Wisdom Summit in 2019

The Rebel Wisdom Summit was our first major event and sold out within a few weeks of tickets going on sale, so to accomodate more people we've developed the Rebel Wisdom Festival, taking place in May 2020. If you'd like to register your interest early, please get in touch using our contact form. In the meantime, we have an exciting series of events planned for autumn 2019 which you can read about here.

What was the Rebel Wisdom Summit all about?

When our existing ways of thinking break down, it's the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who need to reboot the system.

We are going through a time of enormous and accelerating change. Our institutions, our value systems and even the way we make sense of the world are crumbling. At the same time, social media is pushing us further and further into ideological camps, and many of us feel we can’t fully express ourselves.

The rebels recognise that these old structures have to die for the new to be born. They embrace uncertainty and see hope in chaos.  

The Rebel Wisdom Summit is a new kind of event; an immersive, participatory, evolutionary conversation bringing together four of the most rebellious thinkers in the world to help us find a path through the chaos of the times.

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are evolutionary biologists. They are members of the recently coined informal 'Intellectual Dark Web', a group of thinkers trying to have difficult conversations that are absent from the mainstream media. They bring a deep desire to create a better world, while understanding that the tools we have been given are our evolutionary toolkit. In particular that we are hardwired for tribalism, and that we have to repurpose our biological hardware to survive. See the Rebel Wisdom film, 'Having a real conversation' for more.
Psychiatrist and philosopher Iain McGilchrist is increasingly being recognised as one of the most profound and challenging thinkers of our age. His book 'Master and Emissary' was a sensation, in it he drew a clear and compelling story of how the history of the western world was best viewed as a gradual takeover by the rational, logical left side of the brain, eclipsing the more holistic right brain. We believe his work offers a hope of integrating many of the divisions in today's culture. A short animation of his thought can be found here.
And futurist Jordan Greenhall has built a reputation as something of a modern oracle with his 'Deep Code' essays, making sense of an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world. His analysis of the Trump insurgency in the wake of the 2016 election went viral (read here), and he has followed it up with some of the most insightful explanations of the kind of thinking - and specifically collective intelligence - required to find solutions for our most pressing problems. This is almost certainly his only public event this year. He outlines his thought more clearly in this conversation on Rebel Wisdom. 

As the old collapses, we’re entering a new and very different phase in culture and politics. What that might eventually look like, nobody knows. But in order to get there, we’re going to need a new kind of wisdom; open-minded, nuanced, and above all, rebellious.

What we Told People to Expect

Rebel Wisdom is a media platform and retreat organisation. The Summit is the first of a new type of experience we’re pioneering; one in which we take the techniques we teach in our retreats – including mindfulness, self-inquiry and active listening – and combine them with the cultural conversation we’ve been curating through our films. We believe this combination could inspire a new way of talking about culture, politics and society that hasn’t been seen before.  

The Rebel Wisdom Summit is an invitation to join the cutting edge of a new cultural conversation. We are capping it at 150 attendees in order to keep the environment intimate and generative. As well hearing four brilliant speakers on the main stage and having a chance to ask them questions, you will break off into small groups led by a facilitator in order to discuss the issues brought up by the speakers in a safe environment. 

The day has been carefully designed to help us to come into 'flow' together. Flow is a specific neurological state that brings us into close connection to one another; one in which new ideas come in a cascade from our unconscious minds. When we’re in flow, we see in a new way; winning the argument ceases to matter, and instead we become very present to what truths, patterns and new insights are arising between us.

Attend the Summit if you are already a rebellious thinker looking to meet others, if you want to gain new insights into cultural issues, or you’re if you’re curious by nature. Whatever your background, this is a unique experience in which you’ll learn from some of the most engaging thinkers in the world. It’s also an opportunity to go to the very edge of your own understanding, so that together we can pay attention to what’s trying to emerge right now.

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