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"A Glitch in the Matrix" - Documentary

Created: 05 September 2018

Journalist, and Rebel Wisdom founder David Fuller made the first full documentary about Jordan Peterson, and also used to work at Channel 4 News as producer and reporter for over a decade.

Glitch in the Matrix II: Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web

Created: 01 February 2019

The phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' was first coined by mathematician Eric Weinstein in early 2018, it quickly spread. Was this just a chance remark, or was there a plan? This film explains how the creation of the Intellectual Dark Web was part of a l...

Jordan Peterson: Truth in the Time of Chaos - Documentary

Created: 03 September 2018

Psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson has come to fame, or notoriety depending on your perspective, over the last year.


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