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When our existing assumptions and ways of thinking break down, it's the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who need to reboot the system.

  • Bret Weinstein on his Richard Dawkins Debate

    Created: 03 December 2018

    What kind of creatures are we? Evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins and Bret Weinstein debated the future of evolutionary biology in Chicago in October. In it, they explore vital disagreements about key issues in evolution, in particular the role of belief structures such as religion. Rebel Wisdom sat down with Bret Weinstein for an exclusive post-debate analysis. 

  • Addicted to Ideology? with Gabor Maté

    Created: 22 November 2018

    Can we be addicted to ideology? Gabor Maté is an world famous expert on addiction - in his book 'In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts' he talks about how addiction is best viewed not as a crime or illness but as a coping mechanism for a personal, spiritual crisis.

  • Men and Women after #metoo - The Female Shadow?

    Created: 11 November 2018

    Earlier this summer, a group of women released a film where they apologised to men for how they had treated them. The film went viral, with hundreds of thousands of views. It also sparked polarised reactions - both for and against.   

  • Men and Women after #metoo - A New Conversation? part II

    Created: 11 November 2018

    Earlier this summer, a film featuring women apologising for how they had treated men went viral online. The film's creator, Dr Hanna Milling called for a new dialogue between men and women.

  • Humanity's Phase Shift with Daniel Schmachtenberger

    Created: 11 November 2018

    Daniel Schmachtenberger is a futurist, evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. This conversation with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom looks at the growing civilisation-level crisis that we are beginning to see around us, and looks at what a genuine 'phase shift' for human progress might look like.

  • Western Culture: Death & Rebirth with Richard Tarnas

    Created: 11 November 2018

    Richard Tarnas is known as one of the most influential and perceptive cultural historians of our time. In 'Passion of the Western Mind', he presented a vast overview of the history of western thought and culture, with predictions of where both were heading.

  • NPC Meme and Simulated Thinking

    Created: 11 November 2018

    Recently, the NPC (non-player character) meme has broken free of social media and made its way into the mainstream. Why has it spread so fast, and how does it relate to Jordan Greenhall's concept of 'thinking vs simulated thinking'.

  • Cultural Crisis and the Intellectual Dark Web, with Douglas Murray

    Created: 05 October 2018

    In Douglas Murray's recent bestseller, The Strange Death of Europe, he diagnoses a widespread cultural crisis in Europe, a continent that has fundamentally lost faith in itself. He is also part of the new loose grouping of public intellectuals known as the 'Intellectual Dark Web'.

  • The Paradox of the Times, with Jordan Greenhall

    Created: 01 October 2018

    Is this the best of all times to be alive, or are we heading towards catastrophe unless we change course? Or are both true at the same time? And what is 'Game B'? Jordan Greenhall is a renowned systems thinker and star of Rebel Wisdom's documentary 'Glitch in the Matrix'.

  • Warren Farrell - Men and Women after #metoo

    Created: 30 September 2018

    The third in our 'Men and Women after #metoo series' - featuring Warren Farrell, bestselling author of 'The Myth of Male Power' and 'The Boy Crisis' 

  • Men and Women after #metoo - Cassie Jaye

    Created: 27 September 2018

    Part 2 of our series 'Men and Women after #metoo.' We interview director Cassie Jaye about her documentary 'The Red Pill' - including the polarised response.

  • Men and Women after #metoo - A New Conversation?

    Created: 26 September 2018

    If the cultural conversation looks increasingly like a dysfunctional relationship between men and women, how can we move forward? This is the first in a series of films on the subject from Rebel Wisdom.

  • The Shadow & The Zen Master - Rebel Wisdom Podcast

    Created: 06 September 2018

    In this latest Rebel Wisdom podcast, Ali and David discuss the topic of the Shadow, as well as the recent viral success, and polarised response to our interview with a Zen Master.

  • The Split in the Western Soul, with Tim Freke

    Created: 06 September 2018

    What is the lost spiritual knowledge that needs to be reintegrated? Tim Freke is a philosopher and has spent decades studying religion and mystical traditions, from Taoism to Gnosticism.

  • The Meaningwave Universe with Akira the Don

    Created: 06 September 2018

    Akira the Don is a DJ based in LA, who is rapidly gaining profile as the unofficial DJ for the Intellectual Dark Web. Here, he discusses Meaningwave, a new genre of music he's created, and delves into surprising shifts in pop culture.

  • "A Glitch in the Matrix" - Documentary

    Created: 05 September 2018

    Journalist, and Rebel Wisdom founder David Fuller made the first full documentary about Jordan Peterson, and also used to work at Channel 4 News as producer and reporter for over a decade.

  • Jordan Peterson: Truth in the Time of Chaos - Documentary

    Created: 03 September 2018

    Psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson has come to fame, or notoriety depending on your perspective, over the last year.

  • A Zen Master talks about Jordan Peterson & The Shadow

    Created: 05 September 2018

    Doshin Nelson Roshi describes himself as poet, troublemaker, and teacher. He is the head abbot of Integral Zen - an expert in both the tradition of Zen and the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber.

  • Evolution and the future of humanity - with Bret Weinstein and Jamie Wheal

    Created: 28 May 2018

    What are the evolutionary challenges we face, and how are we going to get through them? Peak flow consultant Jamie Wheal, and evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein discuss the deepest questions we are facing. Recorded at the Voice and Exit Festival in Austin, Texas.

  • "Jordan Peterson, atheism and belief", with Rupert Sheldrake

    Created: 28 May 2018

    The meteoric rise of Dr Jordan B Peterson has brought a revival of interest in religion and spirituality. He is embarking on a series of high profile public events with leading atheists like Sam Harris.

  • Jordan Peterson & The Left – A New Conversation?

    Created: 08 August 2018

     In a new interview – and accompanying podcast, Rebel Wisdom examines the crisis on the left, through the prism of Jordan Peterson’s thought.

  • Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris – with new Jordan Peterson interview (Podcast 6)

    Created: 08 August 2018

    This podcast features brand new content from our recent interview with Jordan Peterson. Using parts of it as a jumping off point, David and Alexander discuss the Sam Harris / Jordan Peterson events and analyse the most recent debate to explore the tensions between scientism, religious revelation and politics.

  • Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris with Jonathan Pageau

    Created: 07 August 2018

    What were the fundamental disagreements between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris in their recent series of debates, and was anything achieved in their discussions?

  • Rebel Wisdom - First Q&A

    Created: 06 August 2018

    The first Rebel Wisdom Q and A, we answer 11 viewer questions.

  • An Intellectual Deep Web?

    Created: 05 August 2018

    In May 2018, a new alignment of public intellectuals, the "Intellectual Dark Web", was officially announced. Rebel Wisdom was quick to recognise the significance of this new movement, featuring it in our 'Glitch in the Matrix' film in February. 

  • Psychedelics, Shadow and Growth: Rebel Wisdom Podcast 5

    Created: 02 August 2018

    Rebel Wisdom’s first overseas adventure – David and Alexander outline RW’s plans for future interviews and documentaries – and take the opportunity to explore the new psychedelic renaissance, just half a mile from the centrepoint of the 60s counterculture, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury.

  • 'Jordan Peterson & Christianity' with Paul VanderKlay

    Created: 02 August 2018

    As requested by our Rebel Wisdom viewers, an interview with Paul VanderKlay, the Christian pastor from Sacramento, California, who has made a name for himself as one of the most intelligent and popular commentators on Jordan Peterson's thought, from a Christian perspective.

  • 'How to steal fire from the Gods' with Jamie Wheal

    Created: 05 July 2018

    Jamie Wheal is the world's foremost expert on creating profound personal transformation with ecstatic flow states. What are the rewards and challenges of playing with fire in this way.

  • The Intellectual Dark Web, a deeper perspective. Rebel Wisdom podcast 4

    Created: 05 July 2018

    Last month, a new alignment of public intellectuals, the "Intellectual Dark Web", was officially announced. Rebel Wisdom was quick to recognise the significance of this new movement, featuring it in our 'Glitch in the Matrix' film in February.

  • The secret history of Trump's victory? Magic and Power

    Created: 22 June 2018

    Was magic the reason for Trump's victory? Gary Lachman used to be the bassist in the rock band Blondie, and is now the author of numerous books about the esoteric and occult, from Carl Jung to Aleister Crowley (full bio below)

  • The Psychedelic Renaissance, with Michael Pollan

    Created: 14 June 2018

    Michael Pollan is the author of a seminal new book on the science of psychedelic therapy, and the award-winning writer of bestsellers such as Cooked, and In Defence of Food. Does this mark a watershed moment in the mainstream acceptance of psychedelics? He sat down with Rebel Wisdom's founder - journalist David Fuller, during his visit to London.

  • Men and masculinity: My father and I, a healing

    Created: 14 June 2018

    Rebel Wisdom founder David Fuller tells a very personal, but universal story of reconnecting with his dying father.

  • The Peterson Synthesis - criticism and completion

    Created: 14 June 2018

    In our last podcast, Rebel Wisdom put forward some constructive criticisms of Jordan Peterson's thought and tactics.

  • 'Stealing Fire: Peak States and Ethical Cult Building' Jamie Wheal

    Created: 14 June 2018

    How do we use the most powerful consciousness hacking tools to transform ourselves and our lives, and what are the dangers? Jamie Wheal wrote the 'how to' manual for applied ecstasy, "Stealing Fire", he describes the positive and negative effects of altered states and community.

  • Men and women after #metoo. A new conversation

    Created: 14 June 2018

    Louise Mazanti and David Fuller's previous conversation on the excesses of the #metoo movement - featured in the 'Glitch in the Matrix' documentary - went viral, with over 250,000 people watching (various edits).

  • The Peterson Paradox, Rebel Wisdom podcast number 2

    Created: 14 June 2018

    How is it that a man who talks about overcoming polarisation has become the most polarising figure in the intellectual landscape? An attempt at a constructive criticism of Jordan Peterson from Rebel Wisdom, who have made the only two full length documentaries about JBP.

  • Who is Rebel Wisdom? And why the obsession with Jordan Peterson? (Podcast Number One)

    Created: 28 May 2018

    Rebel Wisdom is a new media platform with big ambitions, pushing forward the leading edge of the new counterculture.

  • Jordan Peterson, "21st century pop superstar" - the origins of the JBP Wave music genre

    Created: 20 April 2018

    A new genre of music has been spreading across the internet, combining the words of Jordan B Peterson with lo-fi hiphop.

  • Strong Men? Masculinity and the Modern World Event

    Created: 10 April 2018

    This is the video from a recent Rebel Wisdom event, asking what are the challenges facing men today?

  • Moving on from #metoo

    Created: 12 February 2018

    How can we move on as men and women in the wake of the #metoo campaign. Psychologist and relationship expert Louise Mazanti PhD talks to Rebel Wisdom founder and journalist David Fuller

  • "A Glitch in the Matrix" - Deep Code Analysis

    Created: 02 February 2018

    How can we move on as men and women in the wake of the #metoo campaign. Psychologist and relationship expert Louise Mazanti PhD talks to Rebel Wisdom founder and journalist David Fuller

  • 'Mysticism, Spirit and the Shadow' - Jordan Peterson interview part 1

    Created: 02 January 2018

    The first part of Rebel Wisdom's exclusive interview with psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson - where he talks in depth about his understanding of mysticism, religion and the challenge of integrating the shadow

  • Connecting to flow - Rafia Morgan

    Created: 13 December 2017

    In this short interview, Rafia Morgan discusses how we create our own barriers to freedom, and the process of moving from separation into oneness.

  • Twelve initiatory steps to becoming a man

    Created: 12 December 2017

    The twelve necessary steps to becoming a man, as explained by Jakob Kaergaard of

  • The Role of Psychedelics in a Post-Truth World

    Created: 11 December 2017

    In this talk from Breaking Convention 2017, Alexander Beiner draws on the work of Ken Wilber and Spiral Dynamics to argue that post-modernism has led to a collective shadow around lower levels of psycho-spiritual development, and the role a unifying transcendent truth can play in healing this rift.


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