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    When our existing ways of thinking break down, it's the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who need to reboot the system.

    • Collective Intelligence Series: Introduction

      Created: 19 August 2019

      For the last 18 months, Rebel Wisdom has been seeking out the most advanced, essential and rebellious thinkers and tracking an online 'intellectual awakening'. Many of these thinkers have independently come to the conclusion that a new form of collective intelligence is required to move forward. This is the introduction to Rebel Wisdom's new series on Collective Intelligence.

    • Jordan Greenhall, Jamie Wheal, Daniel Schmachtenberger: Making Sense of Sensemaking

      Created: 16 August 2019

      A unique three-way emergent conversation between three of the world's foremost systems thinkers and futurists. How important is sensemaking? What is coherence and how can we develop it? Take a deep dive with Jordan Greenhall, Jamie Wheal and Daniel Schmachtenberger.

    • What is Rebel Wisdom?

      Created: 10 August 2019

      What is Rebel Wisdom?

      Welcome to our website. Above you'll find a short trailer describing who we are and what we do. We've included a selection of our films here on the website - all of which can be found on our YouTube channel. As well as creating films and documentaries, we run live experiences and retreats. You can read more about our mission and who we are in our About section.

    • The Science and Psychology of Polarisation (pt 1 of 4)

      Created: 08 August 2019

      How can we even begin to solve many of society's problems if our conversations keep breaking down? Polarisation has been growing for decades, and supercharged by social media filter bubbles. This is the first in a series of films from Rebel Wisdom looking at the science and psychology of polarisation, with interviews with Peter Levine, Dr Stephen Porges and others.

    • John Cleese: Philosophy, Spirituality & Political Correctness

      Created: 10 June 2019

      John Cleese is the legendary star of Monty Python & Fawlty Towers. He also has deep interests in philosophy and psychology. We grabbed him for a quick half hour conversation about philosophy, spirituality and the recent media storm over his tweet (first made in 2011 and repeated last month) that London "was no longer an English city".

    • Ken Wilber: The Intellectual Dark Web, An Integral Conversation?

      Created: 03 March 2019

      The Integral philosopher Ken Wilber has been predicting the emergence of a new way of thinking since the 90s - one that embraces paradox and nuance, and lets go of the ideology and fixed thinking of the past - an "integral" consciousness. He believes that the Intellectual Dark Web is the start of a genuinely next level - or Integral - conversation.

    • Glitch in the Matrix II: Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web

      Created: 01 February 2019

      The phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' was first coined by mathematician Eric Weinstein in early 2018, it quickly spread. Was this just a chance remark, or was there a plan? This film explains how the creation of the Intellectual Dark Web was part of a long term strategy, and sketches out Eric's account of the history, and the future of the project.

    • Where Gillette Went Wrong

      Created: 17 January 2019

      Gillette's newest ad, 'The Best a Man Can Be', has created a social media firestorm in the last few days. We sat down to discuss the reaction, the cultural context behind it and our response to the ad. Drawing on our interviews with Warren Farrell, Cassie Jaye and our experience leading men's retreats, we ask whether the ad is helping men or toxic in and of itself.

    • Stan Grof, 'the depths of the psyche'

      Created: 08 January 2019

      What is the nature of the human psyche? How does spiritual experience relate to mental distress? And why does western culture have such a problem with ecstatic experience?


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