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We believe that the ideas in our films should be experienced, not just understood. That's why we run transformational retreats, combining ancient wisdom with neuroscience and psychology to help people 'level up' in their lives and hack into new ways of being. 

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'New Masculinity' Weekend Retreats

UK: MARCH 1-3, 2019
UK: MAY 31-2 June, 2019
SWEDEN: OCTOBER 11-13, 2019

As men, we are being challenged like never before to grow up and show up in the world. At the same time, we have lost many of our traditional methods of initiation into manhood, and spaces where we can develop ourselves as men.

In a time when masculinity itself is being questioned, we firmly believe that what’s needed is not less, but more mature masculinity. As men, there’s something unique about entering into a bond with other men in order to develop and challenge ourselves. Often, we don’t realise how much we’ve been missing this until we experience it – the resulting feeling so tangible that we’ve taken to calling it ‘Vitamin M’.

Rebel Wisdom's New Masculinity Weekends are designed to help us explore a new vision of masculinity; embodying a relaxed confidence that is secure, directed and in service to the world.

This retreat is entirely experiential, carefully designed around a series of psychological and meditative techniques to take you on a process of self-exploration. These include Inquiry – a type of talking meditation – sharing in groups, active meditations, and transformational techniques to elicit deep flow states.

It’s a weekend of transformation, brotherhood and expansion, in which we give a direct experience of integrating the 'shadow' – the repressed and denied aspects of ourselves – so that we can use it as fuel to become more present and powerful in the world.

We don’t put forward a concepts of masculinity for you to accept or reject. Instead, we lead you through a process of self-inquiry to have a direct experience of your own masculine essence. The men who’ve been through this process come out of it feeling more directed, more self-aware, and more ready to speak the truth and take responsibility for the direction of their lives.  As one recent participant put it: “I wanted to pass on my thanks to you and the team for what is essentially the beginning of a new epoch in my life as a man. To say that what you’re doing is essential is an immense understatement at this time in our existence and it’s almost as if collectively we are responding to a call to adventure from the very universe itself. Thank you for helping me find connection to the brother(s) that I never had.”

This is a residential workshop for men with communal accommodation and food included in the cost - starting Friday evening and concluding late Sunday afternoon.

Our next Weekend is on March 1-3 near London. For more details and to book, please use the form at the bottom of this page or visit our ticketing page.

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Men & Women in the Modern World

London: January 24-27, 2019

Most of the world's wisdom traditions tell the story of how the world manifests itself as polarities: yin and yang, light and dark, earth and sky, masculine and feminine. As one Hindu myth puts it, ‘God got bored of being an it, so divided into a he and she.’

In a culture that increasingly looks like a dysfunctional relationship, can this ancient wisdom help us? 

We believe the time has come to consciously re-embrace polarity and celebrate the differences between men and women. When we explore the twin magnetic poles of masculine and feminine that we all have within ourselves, we can meet one another from a place of relaxation, playfulness, confidence and respect. We see that we are equal, but different; distinct, but connected.

This 4 day retreat will be a playful and transformative experience. We won’t be trying to convince you about fixed concepts of masculinity or femininity. Instead, we’ll create a space in which you can directly explore what they mean for you. Through meditation, self-inquiry, sharing, dance and expression, you will gain self-confidence, authenticity, and experience polarity as playful, healing and juicy.

The retreat will be led by two incredible facilitators, Rafia Morgan and Abigail Peters. Read more about Rafia and Abigail on our Facilitators Page 

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About the facilitators

Rafia Morgan has been leading groups in this area for decades, from men’s work to relationship dynamics, since his involvement with feminism in the early mid 70’s in Berkeley, California. He is a psychotherapist and an innovator of many group and therapeutic process such as Path of Love ( ) and Working with People Trainings in Essential Counselling ( He has a special passion for work on this subject and decades of experience.

Abigail Peters is an Integrative Psychotherapist working with family constellations, breathwork and the transpersonal. She has worked in the field of psychology for over 25yrs. Abigail works with individuals, couples and groups on a wide range of topics and is especially interested in identity, trauma, male/female dynamics, transformation and growth.

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