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  • New film with Diane Musho Hamilton - a Zen priest, and an experienced mediator for some of the most difficult conversations including race and gender. Discussing the growth of polarisation, collective intelligence, balancing coherence and difference
  • RT @RobbieSwale: If anyone is ever curious about @WisdomRebel's New Masculinity Retreat, let me know. I went on one a few weeks ago and it…
  • Announcing The Rebel Wisdom Festival! A two day indoor festival of rebellious ideas and profound experiences. Join some of the world's most pioneering minds as we find new ways to make sense together, experiment and build the future. May 30/31, 2020.
  • New film out now with Joshua Fields, CEO of Consciousness Hacking - a great conversation discussing ways to use technology to increase happiness, connection and satisfaction:… @conscioushack @fullydavid
  • We've hit 100,000 subscribers! Thanks to our members, all of our guests, event attendees, YouTube subs and of course Twitter followers - join us at the Rebel Wisdom Christmas Party if you're in London on Thursday night: @fullydavid @AlexanderBeiner

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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