'Masculinity is not Toxic' - response to Guardian article

We recently got our first piece of mainstream media interest from the Guardian - this is our response - to add context and reaction.

"We just got our first piece of major media interest in the UK’s Liberal bastion — The Guardian “Men after #MeToo: ‘There’s a narrative that masculinity is fundamentally toxic’” — overall it’s a good piece — and I believe the journalist, Richard Godwin, did an honest job in trying to understand and accurately reflect on the project, and what was a fairly bumpy launch of what we hoped to be a new Men’s Movement 2.0.

Given that he has framed the article as a response to the recent #metoo phenomena — he accurately characterises our perspective as being that the kind of behaviours that #metoo is highlighting are manifestations of immature and unintegrated masculinity — boys pretending to be men. And that the right response to that is not to demonise masculinity or for men to retreat into shame around their gender — but to do the inner work to identify and to work with the masculine energy that can come out as anger, aggression or domination and to integrate it into a healthy, competent and confident personality — the kind of ‘Shadow Work’ that Jordan Peterson describes in his interview with us...


An Intellectual Deep Web?

In May 2018, a new alignment of public intellectuals, the "Intellectual Dark Web", was officially announced. Rebel Wisdom was quick to recognise the significance of this new movement, featuring it in our 'Glitch in the Matrix' film in February. 

From Toxic to Magic Masculinity

In this Medium article, Andrew Sweeney reflects on his experiences at Rebel Wisdom Men's Weekend Intensive.

"In the modern world there are armies of lost men, drifting through cyberspace like atomised zombies, without any sense of direction. Some of these men have become useless to women and potentially dangerous to themselves and others. In the past a man ejected from his tribe could not survive, but today he exists as a ghost, filling up prisons and asylums and even the halls of power. There has been too much condemning talk about such lost or dangerous men, but too little understanding of what men need to fully grow into dignified men. Men’s groups—as opposed to boys clubs—may be the solution."

Read the full article here


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